About Us

Auspex Analytics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Edgesource Corporation formed in 2015. We are your one-stop destination for data analytics, management consulting, strategy consulting, data operations, and operations research throughout Northern Virginia and the national capital region.

At Auspex we have award-winning analysts catering to your individual data analytics requirements. Thanks to our deep-rooted experience in data analytics and consulting, we have successfully handled multiple contracts in the intelligence community to date. We also possess unparalleled knowledge in DoD & IC consulting and studies.

Our Service Offerings

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Management Consulting

From project management to portfolio management, count on our management expertise. We analyze and determine the existing issues in your business with our streamlined process, and help create a plan that successfully resolve those issues. We are committed to empowering you with strong management skills necessary for future success.

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Strategy Consulting

A business is affected by multiple factors continually, and only a good strategy can ensure that the impact stays positive. With our strategy consulting service, we do exactly that. We assist you in thinking out of the box, sorting the ideas and converting them into an effective plan of action, to help you accomplish your business objectives.

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Data Operations & Analytics

Having relevant information doesn’t guarantee business success. For that, you need to understand the context of the data, ensure its reliability and execute it into an action plan to achieve your desired goals. With our organized multi-step operations and analytics service, we help you do that in a hassle-free way.

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Operations Research

With our operations research service, we dig into the process to create a roadmap of an effective system, step-by-step. Our service will help you determine what your strong points are and where you lack the quality. We create a detailed plan to seamlessly integrate different operation tools and techniques that will not only bring you clarity, but will also set you on a path to success.

Leadership Team


Gene Loughran

Founder & President
35 years of professional experience in Department of Defense and Intelligence Community operations and analysis.

Thomas Fox

34 years of professional experience in a variety of leadership and executive-level positions, 21 years of management consulting for DoD and IC clients.